Online courses are free regular courses that use features of the Internet rather than classroom lectures as the primary educational method. These courses provide flexibility for those with busy schedules and appeal to individuals who are highly motivated and self-directed. 

HealthONE EMS continues to update and develop online content designed specifically for EMS professionals, nurses, and physicians. Under medical direction, a strict review process of all course content is completed prior to publishing online modules. This process of review and verification assures participants that they have access to the most current and accurate information in accordance with state and national guidelines right at their finger tips. Individuals who participate in online education will be awarded continuing education hours for completing modules right from home.

 You may experience some minor delays while taking the courses!  You will notice these courses are tracking your progress (notice the check boxes on the right side of the screen).  The course will not allow you to continue until you have watched a presentation, received a passing grade on a quiz, and/ or completed the feedback survey.  If you have done these things and cannot move on, please give the course a couple of minutes to update then refresh the page.  You should then see the next activity open.  If this does not happen, then contact HealthONE EMS at

Thank you for your patience and participation.

How many hours of distributed learning can one complete for National Registry recertification?