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Emergency Medical Technician 153

Emergency Medical Technician - 155 / March 11, 2014

ECG Webinar

HealthONE EMS Medical Director, Dr. Dylan Luyten, discusses and reviews field and hospital 12 leads that identify STEMI and STEMI Mimics. Participants will develop a greater understanding of how and when to identify cardiac alerts and when to notify the receiving facilities. Dr. Luyten will cover examples of STEMI mimics and will provide tips on identifying ST elevation.

Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

This one hour continuing education course presents an overview of the immune system, recognition of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, and appropriate prehospital treatment.

Poison Control Icon This 1 hour course provides a discussion of toxidromes that may be encountered during a "pharm party".

NRB Thumb  This 30 minute course provides an overview of BLS airway management techniques and oxygen administration.  This course is 0.5 hours of CE.

BLS pharmacology thumb  This 30 minute course provides an overview of EMT Pharmacology.  This course is 0.5 hours of CE.

This module reviews the care of burn patients via podcast. Dr. Brad Phillips and Dr. Dylan Luyten provide insights and discuss common pitfalls, controversies, and new directions of burn care for the prehospital provider. 

Medic in front of amubulanceIt is the responsibility of every pre-hospital provider to assure safe and effective delivery of patient care. In order to achieve this goal one must review every call with an open mind and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Reviewing other provider's calls can be just as beneficial. This module provides an opportunity to identify strengths and areas of growth. The ultimate goal is to apply this learning to improve patient care.

Capnography:  The Ventilation Vital Sign with Dr. James Brewer

This one and a half hour course is a webinar recording from January 20, 2014 with Dr. James Brewer.  Dr. Brewer discusses the anatomy, physiology, devices, and techniques used in monitoring and interpreting capnography.  He stresses the importance of capnography when monitoring airways in prehospital patients and provides some guidance on how to effectively incorporate capnography in your daily practice.

Dr. Ziller This 1 hour course is presented by Dr. Ziller, Associate Emergency Department Medical Director at Rose Medical Center. He talks about his own cardiac arrest and hosts the various specialities who cared for him during his recovery.

Cardiogenic Shock with Dr. Marty O'Bryan
This one and a half hour course covers patient presentations and treatment options for patients suffering from cardiogenic shock

An indepth understanding of modern diabetes management techniques is frequently lacking in Paramedic and EMT education.  We sit down with LaLani Dockter, MSN and Certified Diabetes Educator at Presbyterian St. Lukes hospital in Denver to discuss how diabetics are being trained to manage their disease and what EMS should consider when caring for these patients.  An in-depth discussion on oral antihyperglycemics and insulin is included in this one hour podcast.

This one hour continuing education course is a recording of a webinar done by Dr. Dylan Luyten during the HealthONE EMS Prehospital Pointers webinar on October 28, 2013.  Using two case studies, Dr. Luyten discusses patient presentation, disease processes, assessment techniques, and appropriate use of monitoring devices and medications. 

  This module will cover the recognition and treatment of crush injuries.  Dr. Marty O’Brian uses several cases to illustrate potential crush injuries.  The pathophysiology and treatment of these are covered in this section.

Difficult Patients Webinar

This one hour course is a recording of a HealthONE EMS webinar with Dr. David Friedenson.  Dr. Friedenson uses case studies to discuss assessment issues related to some of our most difficult patients.

Emergency Pediatric Management   This 1 hour continuing education course will review the recent changes in the Denver Metro Protocols related to the treatment of pediatrics.

Endocrine Review  This 1 hour course provides an overview of the endocrine system including anatomy, physiology, and disorders.

Infectious Disease

This one hour course covers the infectious agents and their routes of transmission common to prehospital providers.

Ketamine vial 500mg/10ml  This one hour course presents a recording of Dr. Dylan Luyten presenting the protocol for use of Ketamine in patients who are suspected of suffering excited delirium.  While this course is intended for prehospital providers who use the Denver Metro Protocols, the information presented is very useful for all providers who must care for these patients.

This one hour continuing education course is a recording of Dr. Gilbert Pineda presentation during the HealthONE EMS Prehospital Pointers webinar.  Recorded August 21, 2013, Dr. Pineda discusses medical and operational considerations for prehospital providers who are called to manage an injured athlete with a focus on football players.

Scales of justice   This 30 minute course provides an overview of medical legal issues for the EMT. This course is 0.5 hours of CE.

Med Math CEThis 1 hour course provides a review of medical math including drip rate calculations, boluses, and medicated infusion calculations.

Airlife  This one hour recording of a Prehospital Pointers webinar was recorded July 16, 2013 with Elizabeth Schierholz, MSN, NNP, and Neonatal Team Lead at AirLife Denver.  She discusses the recent changes to neonatal resuscitation.

This module reviews field deliveries and the care of pregnant patients via podcast. Dr. Dylan Luyten and Karen Snider, NP provide insights and discuss common pitfalls, controversies, and new directions of obstetrics for the prehospital provider. 1 Hour Obstetrics CE.

Paperwork  This 30 minute course provides an overview of documentation issues for the EMT.  This course is 0.5 hours CE.

Presented by Dr. David Markenson, Chief Medical Officer of Skyridge Medical Center, this one hour course presents the anatomical differences of pediatric airways.  He also presents management considerations, appropriate medical interventions, and common respiratory issues in the pediatric population.

Pediatric Concussions

This one hour course is a recording of the Pediatric Concussion webinar provided by Dr. Sue Kirelik.  Dr. Kirelik discussed recognition and treatment options for children and teenagers who suffer a concussion.

Scene safety thumb  This 30 minute course provides an overview of scene safety issues for the EMT. This course is 0.5 CE hours.

This module is a Podcast with Dr. Dylan Luyten, HealthONE EMS Medical Director and Emergency Department Physician, in Englewood, Colorado. This module will review the basic and related definitions of sepsis and clinical markers to establish a differential diagnosis in the prehospital setting.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests early aggressive resuscitation of patients with sepsis improves survival.There are two studies that support the importance of early recognition and treatment of sepsis.Because sepsis is most common in the elderly and medically compromised, we can expect the volume of patients presenting to EMS with sepsis to continue to increase as the population ages. This module will provide the EMS responder an understanding of sepsis, how to formulate a differential diagnosis of sepsis, and initiate essential treatment for the patient in the prehospital setting.

Sports Related Injuries  This 2 hour course is a recording of the Nite Owl CE presented by Dr. Don Gerber, Neuropsychologist and Principal Investigator at Craig Hospital.

Treatment of stroke is rapidly changing. This educational activity has been designed for emergency medical services personnel who are involved in treatment and transport of patients with cerebrovascular disease. This module provides an overview of stroke statistics, classifications, ischemic penumbra, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, field evaluation and treatment, imaging, updates in treatment, and the concept of stroke centers.

Epidemic of Obesity  This 1 hour course provides an overview of issues related to the care and transport of bariatric patients.

Toxicology:  Common Ingestions with Dr. Thomas Paluska

This one hour course is a webinar recording from February 24, 2014 with Dr. Thomas Paluska.  Dr. Paluska discusses some of the more common over-the-counter toxic ingestions including clinical presentations and treatments.

In this short CE, students will identify key items in assessing and treating croup and epiglottis. At the conclusion of module, students will have the opportunity to take a short test and receive CE credit.

To participate in this CE, students will read a short article published in JEMS online from Dennis Edgerly. Dennis is the Parmedic Education Coordinator at HealthONE EMS in Englewood.

Triage TagThis CE module uses a lecture and exercises to review START and Jump START triage algorithms.

CO Primary Instructor ImageThis course contains the online resources for the Colorado Primary Instructor Course. All modules and activities must be completed prior to attending the first on-site class.

Hosting for this course is provided by HealthONE EMS.

HOEMS Contractor Instructor Site

This site provides scheduling and educational resources for the HealthONE EMS contract instructors.


This course shell will be used to create future agency educational shells.

This course is moderated by Erin Selby and Mark Warth for Northglenn Ambulance.

This course is moderated by Erin Selby and Mark Warth for the Thornton Fire Department.